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What is Robbo AI?

Robbo AI is a Bitcoin trading platform for aspiring and experienced traders. While there is a massive number of trading platforms available today, few offer the educational material, security and streamlined features that this platform does. Crypto trading is all about developing your portfolio, something that many people struggle with due to the lack of guidance they have at the beginning of their journey.

Robbo AI is well aware of such issues, which is why it offers users access to a vast library. This library contains a wealth of information regarding different cryptocurrencies, how to trade on them, market monitoring tips and other things to increase their knowledge. What’s more, the platform’s library increases regularly, providing people with the latest tips and updates about the crypto landscape.

If you sign up with Robbo AI, you can access its wide array of features right away and start creating your strategy. Users can even develop and check their portfolio from different locations in real time, whenever they want. A convenience like this ensures that you don’t have to rush your crypto trading journey, allowing you to plan properly and hopefully make well thought out decisions.

This platform pays a great deal of attention to security to ensure its user’s information is out of the reach of hackers, third party sites and others. Once you provide your basic information to Robbo AI, you can rest easy knowing that everything will remain encrypted. Knowing that your data is safe can give you peace of mind when trading, allowing you to form suitable strategies for developing your portfolio.

Robbo AI also gives you the freedom to make adjustments to your portfolio whenever necessary. It does this by giving you regular updates about the currency you are trading on, making sure you can adjust your portfolio according to your preferences. This platform lets its users choose from several cryptocurrency options with popular options like Bitcoin and Ethereum along with other niche options.

Before trading on any coin, however, it would be best to monitor their market situation, determine their patterns and invest accordingly. Since crypto trading requires you to be patient, you must strategize for the long term. Doing so may help you identify opportunities to strengthen your portfolio and could hopefully minimize the risk of losses.

How do Crypto Trading works

In general the idea of trading is to buy low and sell high. To simplify things, for example, you can place a buy position on a cryptocurrency, hope that the price goes up, and if it does, then you can close your position with the higher price, meaning you gain from that difference in price.

Of course it works both ways, you can also open a sell position if you believe the price of the cryptocurrency will go down.. When you enter the crypto trading sphere, keep in mind that trends matter and trading without considering them may not be a wise idea. Also, since there is a great deal of volatility involved in the crypto market, it is best to only invest an amount you can afford to lose.

Also, before you start trading with your actual investment involved, it would be best to perform some demo trading to learn about the things you should do and avoid. Robbo AI has a demo trading feature that allows its users to learn through trial and error without taking a hit on their investments. This feature can come in handy for beginners as well as experienced traders, giving them a deep insight about the potential scenarios they could encounter when they perform actual trading.

What are the Different Crypto Trading Strategies

In some cases, crypto traders choose from four common trading strategies. Here is a look at what they are and how each of them work.


This strategy is for crypto traders who want to trade for the short term. In scalping, people usually hold onto their trades for only some minutes, if not seconds. The primary purpose of utilizing such strategies is to try and gain from a small movement in the coin's price throughout the day. Some people make use of this strategy when the market is really busy. You may be surprised to learn that some certified crypto experts and traders use this strategy regularly.

Day Trading

As the name suggests, the day trading strategy requires traders to hold their trades for one day. Also referred to as intraday trading, day traders move in and leave the position on the same day. When utilizing this strategy, it is important to perform an in depth analysis about the crypto you have invested in to hopefully make smart decisions. While this type of trading may work for some people, it might be best to focus on long term strategies like position trading.

Position Trading

When using the position trading strategy, it is important to pay attention to price shifts in the long term. Many also refer to position trading as trend trading, mainly because it requires traders to hold their positions for extended periods and watch out for the latest trends in the crypto landscape. In some cases, traders don’t worry about small price fluctuations, mainly because position trading is a long term strategy.

Swing Trading

This strategy is slightly similar to position trading in the sense that you have to hold onto your position for some time. However, this period is usually shorter than the waiting period in position trading. Typically, traders hold their position only for a few weeks if not days. If you have a full time job and want to perform crypto trading on the side, this type of strategy might suit you.

This is because you will not need to worry about price movements every day. That said, you must still keep an eye on the latest crypto trends to ensure you can spot trading opportunities.

How Long Does it Take to Learn Crypto Trading Basics?

The time required to learn crypto trading fundamentals can vary for each person. If you have some knowledge about crypto, you may be able to start trading within a matter of days. However, if you are completely new to this landscape and want to take things one step at a time, you may need a few weeks or months.

It is best not to rush your crypto trading journey because trading without sufficient knowledge can be quite risky and one misstep could cause you to lose your investment.

Trading Strategies for Beginner Crypto Traders

If you are new to the world of crypto trading, you may be wondering which strategy would suit you. Determining what works for you can take time and requires a great deal of trial and error. Some trades will suggest you to keep things simple and that’s really how it should be. While there may be no need to follow crypto trading strategy for beginners, there are certain things beginners can do to hopefully start off on the right foot.

Sure, you can choose from plenty of other strategies and processes, but they may not be the best for new traders as they require certain skills like math, coding or statistical skills. Plus, they require time to master, which is why it might be best to start with the simple things.

The Process for Beginners

The procedure beginners can consider following is known as discretionary trading and it focuses on long term trading. For those wondering, discretionary trading essentially means utilizing your intuition and judgment when trading crypto. Before discussing what this type of trading is, it is worth keeping its opposite in mind, which are mechanical or automated trading.

In these trading forms, the trading rules are fully codified, which means the trading system doesn’t need discretion as every trading decision is already determined through the system’s rules.

Here are some steps you will need to follow when using the discretionary crypto trading strategy:

  • Use basic analysis to look for crypto assets. Robbo AI has user friendly tools to help you perform this analysis
  • After you determine the currency you want to choose, use the analysis, along with the price action to identify different entry opportunities
  • Create a well thought out trade and risk management plan. Make sure you consider your exit and entering prices, position size and how you plan to address various scenarios
  • Consider maintaining a journal where you note down your trade activities before and after trading. Go through your notes to check if you can learn any lessons or make any adjustments to your process in the future.
The Process for Beginners

The reason why every beginner can consider trying this strategy is because it is quite flexible. This means that you can apply it regardless of the changing crypto market environments. This strategy focuses on trends, and trying to keep risks to a minimum. Remember, while the discretionary trading strategy can be quite handy for crypto traders, it might be important to focus on long term targets instead of immediate ones.

You may find some popular crypto options doing well in the market but investing in them may not be the best idea. This is because such currencies might often crash pretty quickly and may be a part of pump and dump projects, which you must steer clear from. The crypto coins at Robbo AI are considered by some as reliable and once you invest in them, they can hopefully remain safe from malicious hackers and other parties.

Seamless Navigation and Intuitive UI

Crypto traders have to consider a variety of things when creating their strategies. With so much already on their minds to begin with, the last thing they want to worry about is a slow and unresponsive platform. Fortunately, such issues do not exist when it comes to Robbo AI. This platform is as seamless as they come and users can navigate through different features easily. What’s more, Robbo AI gets frequent updates to improve its UI, even further, which might make it an ideal option for traders of different levels.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Crypto Trading Safe?

Crypto trading is considered by some traders as fairly safe as long as you choose the right platform. The online space is full of hackers and malicious parties that want to get hold of your information and investment, so it is important to choose a platform that is reliable and encrypts your information. Fortunately, Robbo AI does precisely that, allowing its users to trade with complete safety. Every detail you provide to this platform is encrypted and safeguarded through robust security measures.

Will I need to Use My Investments for Demo Trading?

The main reason why some crypto experts encourage demo trading is because you don’t involve your investment. When you perform demo trading, you don’t have to worry about risks or losses. Everything you do is purely educational and helps you get a better understanding of a wide range of trading scenarios. Beginners, in particular, should consider using this tool because it can give them the confidence to create trading strategies suited for their particular investment needs.

Is Robbo AI Suitable for Beginners?

This platform was especially created with new crypto traders in mind, which is why it features a large number of features only for beginners. For instance, you can access a crypto trading starter’s guide, demo trading account and plenty of handy features to guide you throughout your crypto trading venture.

How old do I need to be to Sign Up with Robbo AI?

Robbo AI allows any person that is within the legal age in its specific country to sign up. It’s important to check the existing rules in your country before signing up. The process is quite straightforward as you just need to provide your email address, name, country name and other details. Once the platform verifies your account, you can access its plethora of features right away. However, before you start investing or trading, consider getting an understanding of how crypto works to hopefully avoid taking risky decisions.

Robbo AI Highlights
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