About The Platform

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About Robbo AI

Robbo AI is a result of its founder’s years of determination and hard work. The founder initially did not have any plans to start a crypto trading platform.

He used a variety of platforms to invest and trade in crypto and found them to be lacking in one aspect or the other. While some may have good features, they wouldn’t be user-friendly. Others may be user-friendly but may lack educational resources.

After studying and thoroughly analyzing different trading platforms, the founder decided to provide the crypto world with an all in one option in the form of Robbo AI.

The Story Behind Robbo AI

This platform’s story began when its founder felt the need to offer the crypto world something that gives them a launching pad for their journey. He was especially determined to make sure the platform catered to the needs of beginner crypto traders as they often get misguided.

Getting this platform up and running right away proved to be quite a challenge for Robbo AI’s founder. This is mainly because he could not find developers who shared the same enthusiasm about the project as he did. Eventually, the founder learned the basics of developing a platform and found a crypto enthusiast during that journey. This individual knew the ins and outs of making a smooth and user-friendly platform and decided to collaborate with the founder, which eventually led to the creation of Robbo AI.

There was a fair bit of trial and error involved during the platform’s creation but it helped the founder understand the different needs of today’s crypto world. Despite launching a few years ago, this platform receives regular performance and content updates to ensure crypto traders can find everything they want for their trading journey in one place.

What is the Team’s Mission?

The team behind Robbo AI works tirelessly to provide aspiring crypto traders a platform where they get a proper shot at trading. They want to make sure that traders can learn the ins and outs of bitcoin trading to hopefully improve their decision making capabilities. Robbo AI also ensures traders have sufficient educational material to learn from, something that is very important no matter how experienced a trader is.